Boomers More Likely To Carry Mortgage Debt Into Retirement

Massachusetts elder law attorney John Gosselin was heavily quoted in a Banker & Tradesman article discussing Boomers likelihood to carry more mortgage debt into retirement. A Mortgage After Retirement Isn’t A Problem – It’s A Plan By Jim Morrison | Banker & Tradesman Staff Baby Boomers are more likely to have a mortgage when they retire than the generation born between the mid-1920s and the mid-1940s, according to new research from Fannie Mae. While that trend worries some economists, other experts say post-retirement debt can be a smart move. “The increasing prevalence of housing debt among older homeowners could compromise Continue Reading

Oldest living Narragansett Indian on the tribal rolls

Eleanor Dove, known as Pretty Flower, is the oldest living Narragansett Indian on the tribal rolls. She once worked as an artist model at the Rhode Island School of Design; her work was used by a sculptor for a piece that appeared at the New York 1939 World’s Fair.  Eleanor married Ferris Babcock Dove; he was the Naragansett war chief and assisted the tribe in gaining federal recognition. Together,  Eleanor and Ferris ran a popular restaurant called Dovecrest which also acted as a community kitchen to Naragansett tribal members in need. The Dovecrest became the Tomaquag Museum which is dedicated Continue Reading

Being engaged and staying active are parts of the puzzle to longevity

Mr. Azriel Blackman, age 92, recently entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest career as an airline mechanic. He also holds a record for being a mechanic for 75 years for American Airlines where he still works 5 days a week. For the complete article about Mr. Blackman, follow our link to the NYT article. For 75 Years, a Mechanic Has Helped Keep Planes Aloft By Christine Negroni | New York Times Article Azriel Blackman, an airline mechanic for American Airlines, is not allowed to climb ladders, drive on the airfield at Kennedy International Airport or even Continue Reading

Could a text you send be your will?

Technology has outpaced the law. In the United Kingdom, the Law Commission is proposing a radical overhaul of inheritance laws so that people will be able to use notes, voicemail and text messages to make their wills. Current UK law regarding wills dates back to 1839; it states that a will needs to be written and signed by the testator as well as two witnesses to be valid. The new proposal would give new powers to county and high court judges to to decide on the balance of probabilities whether a recording or note could be an accurate summary of Continue Reading

When it comes to banking, words prevail over numbers

When writing a check, what does the bank pay out of your account – the words you write out or the numbers in the box? Madeleine Maldonado, age 81, found out the hard way when she wrote out “three thousand three hundred and 99/100” but entered “$3399.91” in the amount box on her check to pay for her annual long-term care insurance premium. The invoice was for $3399.91 but her bank paid the amount written so her payment was short $98.92. Her insurance company cancelled her policy for nonpayment 3 months later after not hearing from her or family members Continue Reading

G.O.P. Republicans are weighing options for new health bill

G.O.P. Republicans are weighing options in order to gain support for their proposed health bill including keeping a tax on high income people and providing more money to combat the opioid epidemic and a new incentive for people to establish tax-free savings accounts for medical expenses. Another proposal they are considering would allow insurers to sell cheaper less comprehensive health plans if they also offered health plans that complied with consumer protection standards like those in the Affordable Care Act. If the proposed bill passes, what is sure is that projected Medicaid spending would be reduced 35 percent after 20 Continue Reading

How will possible cuts to Medicaid affect you?

How will possible cuts to Medicaid affect you? It depends on which state you live in as different states have different budgets for Medicaid especially as their coverage of home-based and community-based care for older adults. What experts agree on is that states will compensate additional cuts in services if the proposed Federal cuts pass Congress. Follow our link to read the entire NYT article. Plan on Growing Old? Then the Medicaid Debate Affects You By Ron Lieber | New York Times These are the stories we tell ourselves: I will never be poor. I will never be disabled. My Continue Reading

Report Elder Abuse in Massachusetts – Call 1-800-922-2275

The Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs will centralize the Elder Protective Services abuse reporting system (elder abuse hotline) to a single phone number. The law office of Gosselin & Kyriakidis assists clients with elder care crisis situations. Report Elder Abuse by calling 1-800-922-2275. All calls (day or night, 7 days a week) will go directly to the Massachusetts-based call center at 1-800-922-2275, regardless of the location of the reporter or the elder. Elder-Abuse-hotline Continue Reading

Medicaid Covers 1.4 Million People in Nursing Homes

A combination of longer life spans and spiraling health care costs has left an estimated 64 percent of Americans in nursing homes dependent on Medicaid. Medicaid covers 20% of all Americans, 40% of poor adults and most of the 1.4 million people in nursing homes. On June 22,2017, Senate Republicans proposed steep cuts to Medicaid. Under federal law, state Medicaid programs are required to pay for nursing home care but cuts at the federal level could result in states decreasing the amount they are willing to pay or restrict eligibility for coverage. To read the complete NYT article, follow our Continue Reading

Two-thirds of Medicaid spending is dedicated to older or disabled adults

Medicaid is the largest safety net in the United States for low-income people; it accounts for 1/6 of all health care spending in the United States. Two-thirds of Medicaid spending is dedicated to older or disabled adults – this is mostly dedicated to paying for long-term care services like nursing homes. If the cuts to the American Health Care Act proposed by Congress pass in the Senate, it would cut Medicaid by over $800 billion, the largest single reduction in a social insurance program in the history of the United States. For more information about how these proposed Medicaid cuts Continue Reading